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Born in Porto Alegre, in southern Brazil, Leticia Demeuse discovered she had a passion for art while watching her mom, Maria, paint in her free time.

Demeuse graduated from PUC College with a Degree in publicity/advertising and soon after moved to California to improve her English. She returned home to earn a Master’s degree in marketing while successfully handling the publicity for a high-end shopping center. She also worked for the largest TV station in her hometown, but felt the pull to return to California in 2004, and settled there for good in San Diego.

“I was drawn to advertising because I was always fascinated with the idea of communicating through an image, and now I can relay that through my art,” Demeuse said. Currently, she works from her home studio in Carlsbad, California, where she lives with her husband Eddie, son Jordan and dog Lola. Her work can be found in private and corporate collections across the county, as well as in Europe and Brazil. She often works closely with her clients to create pieces to their taste.

Her work can be defined as abstract expressionism, a style that came out of the New York School of Painting in the 1940s. Not an actual school but rather a group of New York painters including Adolph Gottlieb, Williem DeKooning and Robert Motherwell, among others, the New School of Painting has been influential to many modern day artists. “It is amazing how art has been communicating with and inspiring us since the caveman first painted on rock walls”, Demeuse shared.

Demeuse, who proudly became an American citizen in 2013, still visits her family and friends once a year in Brazil, where she reconnects with her roots and finds great inspiration.